Tours to the Exclusion Zone

Polessky radiation and ecological reserve

The unique nature of the exclusion zone. One of the goals of the reserve is to preserve the biological diversity of the Belarusian Polessye.

The tour takes place on safe routes. During the excursion, the radiation dose received on average does not exceed the dose received during two hours of flight by plane.

The reserve has a significant scientific base, the influence of radiation on living organisms in the natural habitat is investigated.

After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the territory of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the Polesye Radiation and Ecological Reserve was established. Today its area is 2100 square kilometers. A place with a unique nature, living absolutely without human intervention. Due to the high level of contamination by radionuclides, this area will never be used.

From 2018, it became possible to visit the reserve with informative goals for its most interesting places. The tour passes through the territory of the Khoiniki and Bragin districts. You can visit the reserve with a Program of one-day excursion or a two-day tour. You will learn about the consequences of the Chernobyl accident for Belarus, the flora and fauna of the reserve, walk through abandoned villages and villages, where time stopped in 1986, after the announcement of the evacuation.

You can visit the reserve with planing group tours, or with an individual program, choosing a travel date convenient for you. Departure from Gomel , the closest regional center to the exclusion zone, when planning a trip, you can spend time exploring our beautiful and modern city. Or, come directly to Khoiniki, or to the Babchin checkpoint before the excursion.

For foreing guests of Belarus I suppose individual tours to our zone, for more active and wide program. The cost of individual tours is calculated depending on the duration and number of visitors, for this contact the Guide.