Radiation and Ecological Reserv

Go to zone!

To register for the trip, you need to provide the following data that is needed to obtain a pass to the exclusion zone: name, secondname, date of birth, passport number, date of issue and validity, registration address (if You have this page in Your passport), place of work and position. For quick feedback, do not forget to include your phone number or Viber contact.

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, visiting the border zone is allowed with a passport. For foreign citizens, you must have a special pass. For its registration, you will also need to sent to the organizer a photo of your passport. Organizer guarantees the confidentiality of your datas.

You can send the data to the organizer via email 2Philon@gmail.com, whriting the date of the trip in the subject line. You can also ask your questions to the organizer in any way you like.