Belarus Chernobyl exclusion zone

Programm of tours

During the excursion, strictly keep to the rules of radiation and fire safety, rools of visiting reserve, and behavior on the route are required. Visitors are personally responsible for their health. It is obligatory to fulfill the requirements of the organizer and accompanying employee of the reserve. If members of the group violate visiting rules, the tour may be stop and the group will be sent for early dosimetric monitoring.

Route #1. The journey begins at the “Babchin” checkpoint, at 8-9 am, where we pass passport control, safety instructions, and enter the zone. We visit the PSRER museum, located in the scientific part, where we get acquainted with the history of the reserve, look at the route on the map, visit the halls devoted to the flora and fauna of the reserve, the old life of Belarusian villages. In Babchin also we see the old manor and school. The next location of our route will be the agricultural plant , - the largest agricultural enterprise of the Khoinitsky district before the accident. Next, we go through the second checkpoint "Maidan" and go to the village of Dronki, where we will visit a primary school. Next, the village of Pogonnoye, one of the largest villages in the exclusion zone, where we will visit: a collective farm, cultural center, school, shop, village council, and much more. Moving to Krasnosel'e, where you will see ships that used to take barges from Mazyr to Kiev before the accident. If desired, you can see the Chernobyl NPP from the territory of Belarus, climbing onto the fire tower. And the last location of our route will be the large village of Orevichi, where we will visit many interesting places. At the end of the tour we will go through dosimetric control.

Route #2. We start route number 2 at the Babchin checkpoint, then the manor and school in Babchin, a farm, a fire and chemical station, an abandoned Radin checkpoint, a collective farm in the village of Verkhnyaya Sloboda, the village of Vygrebnaya Sloboda. Next, the village of Zherdnoe, with amazing wooden houses, and moving to the Sunnytown, - a small Belarusian Pripyat. On the route you can climb two fire towers, and see the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from Belarus. We return through the checkpoint "Glukhovichi", Bragin district. In the town of Bragin, we visit the monument to the liquidator Vasily Ignatenko, and looking for the center of the town, the closest town to the exclusion zone.

Route #3. It is a combined variant of routes #1 and #2, it takes place in a more active form with a smaller time on the locations. Passes on the following objects: "Babchin" checkpoint, museum, manor, school, fire and chemical station, plant, "Maidan" checkpoint, Dronki, village Pogonnoe with some important objects, the village of Verkhnyaya and Vygrebnaya Sloboda, Zherdnoe, Pirky and Sunnytown. Departure through the checkpoint "Glukhovichi";

Two-day tours are held on routes #1 and #2. The program of individual excursions is developed taking for your wishes, and becomes more wide and interesting. You need to agree the date of the tour by contacting the organizer of the tour.